inflatable rescue boat with fast inflation system

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Our company has been committed to providing functional and high-quality inflatable rescue boats to the government for many years. Through continuous market verification and continuous product testing, we have developed a rapid inflation system that can use air cylinders in just tens of seconds. Inflating the boat greatly meets the time-sensitive needs of firefighters. Moreover, we have developed a floor that is lighter and faster to use, getting rid of the inconvenience of assembling the aluminum alloy floor and does not require assembly. It can be used directly by pulling it apart. It is the roll-up floor. We added an orange eva layer to the bottom board, which not only has anti-slip function, but also makes the firefighters’ knees feel comfortable when kneeling on the board. We also improved the traditional air deck bottom and made The three-in-one air deck will make the rescuer more comfortable to use. We added a small tube under the pontoon to make the boat more stable in rapids, and when the boat turns quickly, the stern will not swing too much. We have always been at the forefront of product research and development, establishing ourselves as a leader in product upgrading.


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ONER Inflatable boat for rescue use.

ONER developed this products by ourselves, it can meet the survival needs and save time a lot.


  • Fast-inflation system with intercommunication valves. It can be inflated well within 1 minute with high-pressure air bottle.
  • 3-in-1 air-deck floor. It will be more stable.
  • M bottom. It will be more suitable in the rapids.
  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Size could be from 3m to 6m.


inflatable rescue boat with fast inflation system

inflatable rescue boat with fast inflation system

inflatable rescue boat with fast inflation system

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