Why choose us?

We are Chinese factory, the end manufacturer of inflatable boat, sup, hot spa/ice bath tub and other watersport products. The price will be very competitive, no middleman. 

Weihai ONER outdoors Co.,LTD started as OEM/ODM business and  has been manufacturing and exporting inflatable watersport products for over 15 years. Since 2021, we had started to develop our ONER brand and look for suitable dealers around the world. In addition to producing regular inflatable boats and sups, we are constantly developing and innovating new functions on products,using more environmently friendly materials to manufacture products that comnine creativity and practicality.

There are two workshops in Shandong, which can meet the needs of large-scale production. 

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We develop, design and manufacture inflatable boats, isup and other water sports products. Because it is a factory, it has the ability of continuous research and development, efficient quality control, can adapt to the rapidly changing market, and constantly explore better and more interesting water sports products.