Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2022

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1. Atoll 11’ – Best All Around Inflatable Paddle Board
The Atoll 11 is my top pick for the best overall inflatable paddle board. It perfectly balances speed and stability, making it a great option for paddlers of all skill levels, and the build quality makes for a durable board that I know I can rely on.

In fact, one of the main things I love about the Atoll 11 is its rugged construction. The machine-laminated dual-layer PVC and Korean dropstitch construction results in a SUP that can take pretty much anything. This means that it’s one of the toughest inflatables around.

I have no worries about damaging the board when I transport my Atoll 11 to the water – or when I’m out on it.

The durability of the board is matched by it’s great performance on the water.

In fact, I’ve found the Atoll 11’ to be one of the easiest boards to paddle. The shape of the board and the tri-fin design help it to track well, and at 11 feet long and 32” wide it’s easy enough to balance on, but still responsive enough for you to be able to control it.

This means it’s a good board for beginners as well as experienced paddlers who want a stable board that doesn’t feel sluggish in the water.

While the durability and rugged build quality make it a great board for all types of paddlers – it also means that the Atoll is suitable for multiple passengers on board. It can easily hold over 550 lbs, which is fantastic if you’re like me and occasionally like to take your children paddling with you. Even when I have one of my kids on board (at a combined weight of around 300lbs), it doesn’t affect the performance. The Atoll 11 feels sturdy; it doesn’t sag in the middle, even when the weight capacity is being tested!
2. iRocker Cruiser – Stable Enough for Beginners
One of the main reasons I love the iRocker Cruiser is its versatility. This is likely why it’s such a popular choice – pretty much anyone can use this board! It’s stable at 33 inches wide and offers a great learning platform. This means it’s great for beginners!

I myself am not a beginner – but I can see why this board would suit someone new to paddle boarding. At 10’6 and with a slightly less pointed shape than other similar paddle boards, it feels very stable on the water.

It has all the technical specs that you’d expect from a good quality iSUP – such as reinforced rails and a drop stitch core, plus it is made from triple-layer military-grade PVC. It has a three fin setup which helps with tracking and speed (I actually found the iRocker faster than I was expecting from a SUP of these dimensions).

When inflated, the iRocker can hold up to 400 pounds and only weighs 25 pounds itself, so it’s easy enough to transport and can comfortably hold you and your gear.

On the subject of gear, the iRocker can hold a lot! It features 20 D-rings, four action mounts as well as a front and rear bungee system. These are for attaching extra bits of gear, such as speakers or other personal belongings.

One physical feature that really sets the iRocker apart, however, is the fact that it has seven grab handles! I absolutely love this feature! Although it might seem insignificant, it makes handling the board so much easier. I only wish other paddle boards would follow iRockers example here.

Overall the iRocker Cruiser inflatable paddle board is definitely worth considering if you want a stable board that comes with everything you need to start paddling. The accessories include a carbon matte paddle, premium roller bag, dual-chamber triple-action hand pump, leash, and a repair kit.

3. Blackfin X – Best Yoga Paddle Board
If you have been looking to try out SUP fitness, this might just be the board for you.
The Blackfin X is wide and rigid. Featuring triple-layer PVC construction, carbon rails, and a width of 35 inches, the paddle board’s stability is unmatched. You can comfortably practice SUP yoga without falling in every time you transition to another pose.

Since it is one of the most stable paddle boards, the Blackfin Model X is also a great family board. Let everyone join in the fun and see how well it holds.

The large soft deck pad prevents you from slipping. It is comfortable enough for kids and your furry friend and also doubles as a yoga mat.

The carbon reinforced rails (the sides of the board) make folding the board a little harder, but the extra rigidity they give the SUP board is well worth it.

SUP yoga is not the only activity you can do with the Blackfin X. It comes with 20 D-rings, eight action mounts, and bungee storage. These attachment points allow you to bring gear for fishing, camping, and all sorts of paddle boarding activities.

It even comes with three detachable fins so you can change the setup if you like.

The 2021 new design and colors are gorgeous. You have six color options.

In addition to all these fantastic features, the Blackfin Model X all-inclusive package includes a carbon paddle, premium roller bag, dual-chamber pump, ankle leash, and a repair kit.

4. Bluefin Sprint Carbon – Best Inflatable Touring SUP
If you are an advanced paddler looking for a high-performance paddle board, consider the Sprint Carbon.

At 14 feet long, 30 inches wide, and with a pointed nose, the Bluefin Sprint is built for speed. It cuts through the water with minimal resistance making for an exciting ride.

The Sprint Carbon is built using reinforced composite dropstitch and military-strength PVC. It also features carbon rails, resulting in one of the most rigid inflatable boards you can find.

The Sprint Carbon can hold up to 418 pounds and comes with a five-year warranty.

There is a universal action camera mount at the nose so you can capture every epic moment.

The board also has two bungee storage areas and extra D-rings for you to securely attach your items.

The Carbon Sprint complete package includes a carbon paddle, coiled leash, backpack, and a triple-action pump.

5. Glide Retro 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board
The Glide Retro is 33.5 inches wide and 10’6 long with a rounded nose. The traditional paddle board shape makes the board a little less stable than for instance the iRocker Cruiser, but it is still a good choice for paddle board beginners.

glide retro
The full-length deck pad offers plenty of room for your SUP yoga poses or pilates. It is a die cut EVA pad and the non-fading, retro colors make the board stand out from the rest.

The Glide Retro is built using ultra reinforced dropstitch construction. It is so dense it can be inflated up to 25 psi (but the manufacturer recommends 12 to 15 psi).

Despite the heavy duty construction, the Retro only weighs 23 pounds. It has three comfortable neoprene carry handles; so you won’t have a problem carrying the SUP when it’s fully inflated.

You will love the Glide Retro package, especially given how affordable it is. It includes a high-capacity pump, adjustable paddle, roller backpack, leash, repair kit, kayak seat, and a carry strap.

This paddle board features a single-fin system with a USA style fin box.

There is a bungee cargo area at the front and extra D-rings for when you want to bring gear.

Post time: Apr-21-2022